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The Smartest Job Search Strategies for Any Job Search - TheJobNetwork

The Smartest Job Search Strategies for Any Job Search - TheJobNetworkYou may think the best way to get a job is to search online, update your resume, and blitz it out in response to as many postings as you can find. But youd be wrong. As it turns out, about 80% of jobs are not posted online. So no matter how many applications you send out, youre still only working with about 20% of whats out there. googletag.cmd.push(function() googletag.display(div-gpt-ad-1467144145037-0) ) There are also a number of common myths and misconceptions that can derail even the fruchtwein tenacious of job seekers. Debunking these can do a world of difference. Heres two things to rememberYou dont need a great deal of experience (or sometimes even any) to get your dream job.You dont have to settle until you get that job.So where does that leave you and your job search?You must always be prepared with a pitchThe best thing for job seekers to doand this wont come as much of a surpriseis network. Network, ne twork, network. That means first and foremost, coming up with a convincing and charming elevator pitch. An answer to the ubiquitous question So tell me about you. Youll need to craft this perfectly to show your goals, experience, selling points, and just how perfect you are to match a potential employers needs. Then youll need to rehearse it until it comes out of your mouth as naturally as an exhale.Be sure to include a goal statement at the end. Im . and interested in . and currently hoping to transition into ideally in the X industry. Stating your job search need as a goal ensures that youre never outright asking anyone for favors youre simply stating who you are and what youre looking for, which wont annoy or offend any potential contacts.The shorter and simpler, the betterjust be smartWhen youre working on your resume, be sure to err on the side of brevity. DO include bullet points to maximize easy reading, but dont include too manyand make sure the ones you do include are each doing something for you. Make them as results-driven as possible, rather than heavy on the job description. Lead with your best bullet.Once you get an interview, be sure to be as well prepared as you were for networking. Though, there, the big question is Tell us a little about your biggest weakness. You may have been told that the best strategy here is to claim that youre an incurable perfectionist. The internet, more often than not, will counsel you in this direction. But the Internet is wrong. Youll just sound insincere. The better strategy is to choose something youve actually been working to improve. Explain how it was a challenge to you in the past, and what youve been doing, actively, to turn it into a strength instead. Give an example of your progression just to prove youre not full of baloney.Its okay to make demandsOnce you get an offer, be sure not to roll over and accept the salary without question. It is okay and expected to negotiate. A few tipsDont be the first perso n to suggest a number. The person who speaks first in this arena alwaysIf they ask you to give a number first, deflect. Say that youre negotiable, but youd like to hear their range to see whether it fits for you.Do research before going into negotiations. Figure out what is voreingestellt at that company and in that position within the industry. And dont ask for a number extremely outside of that range.Tell them instead that youre being considered in the range of the top third of that bracket, but ensure that youre negotiable.If you let go of some of the most common misapprehensions and job search myths, you should have a much better, clear-eyed approach that will likely start to get you the results you need.

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Uncommon Article Gives You the Facts on Writing a Military Resume That Only a Few People Know Exist

Uncommon Article Gives You the Facts on Writing a Military Resume That Only a Few People Know Exist In the current flailing marketplace, everybody is searching for job security. The military veteran often has all the qualities that employers are interested in finding. It has devised a communication system that may work well for them, but it does not necessarily work well for individuals that are trying to find a place in the civilian job market. When creating yur military resume youre going to be concentrating on the ways your military experience can be readily transferred to a civilian job and possible employers will quickly observe the value that youre able to provide their company. The New Angle On Writing a Military Resume Just Released In the veranstaltung that you were fortunate enough to receive a work offer remember that government positions have strict guidelines for salary and advantages. Be certain you select jobs youre qualified for. Try to remember that negativ e news travels faster than you think and will certainly impact your existing job. When it is government jobs or not its important to improve your resume by including numerical outcomes. The Tried and True Method for Writing a Military Resume in Step by Step Detail The work number, post for which youre applying, ought to be included. Scannable resumes need specific page designs because computer scanners cant read certain products. A government job listing will offer you lots of information about the position. How To Apply As indicated most government job listings are likely to offer you specific instructions about how to make an application for the position and the time frame for accepting applications or resumes. If thats the case, a professional could be in a position to assist you and you might want to seek out a professionals help. Browse our military resume examples today to discover how we can assist you, or contact our team directly to learn more. If youve got additiona l work experience that is related to the position, provide lots of details (such as salary info and who to contact to find out more about your work experience). Its possible for you to seek the advice of a federal resume writing service to boost your federal resume. Now applicants for Federal work is going to have to make certain that their resumes are top notch and wont have the ability to depend on the KSAs. If you anticipate applying for the various government agencies then you are going to have to experience the different resumix builders. When you try to find a Federal job there is a significant region of the application process which has to be performed properly. So youre searching to land your very first Federal job and are just going to begin working on your resume. What the In-Crowd Wont Tell You About Writing a Military Resume Youll discover superior suggestions and bad ones. When writing your professional military resume, our purpose is to elevate your personal pr ice and make certain you are very competitive. When youre writing your air force resume, you are going to want to center on the future.

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Choosing the right referees

Choosing the right referees How To Choose The Right RefereesPosted October 13, 2011, by Helen Isbister When you are putting a job application together, make sure you choose your referees carefully because they could make or break your chances of success. Here are 9 things you should do when picking a referee. 1. Choose someone who knows your work Work-related references are generally more potent than personal ones since they can attest to the way you operate and what you are capable of. Its best to choose someone who is senior to you, rather than a peer, but make sure the person you choose is someone you have worked closely with. Choosing from your most recent place of employment is ideal however this can be problematic if you dont want your current employer to know you are looking to move on. Most interviewers understand if a reference cant be provided from where you are currently working, but try to make your choice as up to date as possible. 2. Choose someone who thinks highly of you It goes without saying, but dont even think about choosing a referee who might have doubts about your ability and potential. Choose the people who have seen you at your best and can give first-hand accounts of the success you have had on various projects and endeavours. 3. Have a variety of options When putting together your list of referees, its good to choose people from a few different areas of your life professional, academic and personal. However, unless a potential employer asks for a personal reference its best to stick to professional and academic contacts. If yourea recent graduate who is looking for your first real job, ask one of your favourite lecturers who knows you and your work well. If you have just left school, ask the principal (if that person knows who you are and you were a good student) or the teacher of your best subject. For your personal reference, try to choose someone who has a good standing in the community perhaps a teacher, doctor, minister of re ligion or someone who holds a lokalitt of office (for example, a member of a committee or governing body). 4. Tailor your references Just as you design your resume and cover letter to target different jobs, give the same level of consideration to your choice of referees. Some people might work better for different positions. For example, if a job requires the ability to supervise, choose references who can attest to your management and leadership skills. Also, if you are applying for a number of jobs, its nice to share the load. 5. Choose someone who comes across well The way your referee communicates will reflect on you good or bad. So even if they know your work and think highly of you, it wont be effectively relayed if they have a monotone voice, are full of ums and ahs, dont have a good phone manner or, if they give a written reference, cant spell and use correct grammar. Choose people who you know can communicate well and have the ability to sell you. 6. Give your referees a h eads-up Get in touch with the people you would like to be your referees and politely ask them if they would be happy to give you a reference if required. If you dont do this and they get a cold-call from one of your prospective employers, not only will they be less than impressed but also they may not be able to give you the rap you deserve. And dont just ask once and then think that person is fair game forever. Let them know every time someone may be getting in touch. 7. Make sure you brief your referees Give your chosen referees some hintergrund on the job you are applying for the job title, what you will be doing and the attributes the employer is looking for. Also politely remind them of the projects you have worked on and your accomplishments so they will be well prepared. It can also be helpful to give your referees an up-to-date copy of your resume. 8. Provide your referees contact details on request Potential employers will want to know who they are contacting. Be sure you s upply your referees full names, phone numbers and email addresses, position titles, how you know them, and how long you have known them. On your resume, its good to write that your referees are available upon request. That means you can keep track of who will be contacting them. 9. Always be sure to show your appreciation Write a thank you note or phone your referees to let them know the outcome of your job search. This is just common courtesy, but it will also mean they will be more likely to help you out again if need be. 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Social media is now becoming a job in itself, with many people turning their blog or website into a viable moneymaker.

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How to Accomplish Hard Work Challenges -The Muse

How to Accomplish Hard Work Challenges -The MuseHow to Accomplish Hard Work Challenges Of curse I believe in myself, I can do anything I put my mind toThats the mantra of a confident person. One that I proudly repeated to myself (and to others) throughout my early career. But that welchesnt the full mantra. It was actually Of course I believe in myself, I can do anything I put my mind to- except for anything that doesnt come naturally to meI vividly remember the first time I realized that my belief in myself was actually conditional, and that Id been limiting my potential all along. It was so engrained, I had no idea I was doing it. This might be true for you too, if any of the following phrases resonate with youIm just not a numbers person, I could never learn Excel.Ill never be a gym person, I suck at working out.Learning to code sounds so hard, I could never do that.Im a bad writer- being creative like that isnt a strength of mine.My belief in myself wasnt a Yes I can it was a Ye s, but...So really, I could only do anything I hadnt already decided I was bad at. For all the obvious reasons, this mindset was unternehmensverbund me back. I want to tell you that I had an epiphany one morning and set out to challenge myself to do everything I thought I couldnt. But thats not what happened. In fact, I broke out of this mindset by accident. I was working in management consulting, and knew that at some point, I had to learn enough Excel to not be a failure to my team. Keyword Enough.Before this job, Id only used Excel to type up my to-do lists in college, and it felt foreign and complicated to master. So, in my 21-year-old head, I set my target at meeting the bare minimum for it to not be a wertmiger zuwachs issue. Aiming high, I know...But then I was put on a project in which my sole responsibility for two to three months was to build an Excel model. I had to calculate outputs for a number of age and income segments of the population. Sounds intimidating, right? It was. But in the interest of not only keeping my job- but also excelling at it- I was willing to learn.Fast forward three months, and we were on version 78 of the model. It had grown and developed over time, and become more nuanced and complex. It now included dozens of inputs for different demographic segments, sensitivity analyses, and even toggles you could use to see how the output would change and for whom, depending on which of the 10 proposed strategies Id built in were selected by the client. Layer by layer, tab by tab, Id built a masterpiece. A masterpiece I understood better than anyone else on my team, and one that the client looked to me as the expert on.The client was happy with our work, but more than that, I was surprised and proud of myself in a way I hadnt expected. I remember looking at the final version of the model and realizing that if youd shown it to me three months prior and told me I would be building this, I wouldve laughed in your face and said that you we re batshit crazy. Me? Build that? Yeah, no. But here we were,90 days later.My capacity for learning this new skill had far outpaced my belief in myself.And I asked myself a question for the first time that now regularly echoes in my mind Where else does my capacity for learning outpace my belief in myself?A few years later, I founded The Muse and when my co-founders and I were dividing up our roles, I took on business operations. That was something I knew I could do and was good at. But I also raised my hand to take on leading product. I didnt know much about it, and had no idea what I was signing myself up for- but I believed that I could learn. As parte of that journey, I learned how to code, write specs, wireframe, QA, set up our ticketing system, and soon was even helping push code to production when needed. (With the help of our engineering team, of course) I even coded a number of features, once again feeling like my ability to learn had outpaced my previous belief in myself. Doing so made me a better founder, a stronger product leader, and a more growth-oriented professional. All things I aspire to be.Im not telling you this in hopes youll open up Excel and push yourself to learn how to build interactive models (but if thats why youre here, click this), but rather to remind you that sometimes the only thing holding you back from being the person you want to be is you. So, the next time a new challenge scares you, take a deep breath, dive in, and see what happens. You might just surprise yourself.

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How to Manage an Intern Program

How to Manage an Intern ProgramHow to Manage an Intern ProgramHaving an in eigener sache program at your office can be a valuable and rewarding experience for both your company and the team of enthusiastic laborers that have signed up to offer their services. Idealism and innovation run rampant with a fresh take on old problems. Cost savings on your end is exchanged for much-needed resume padding and work experience for them, making fr sichships feel-good win wins for all involved. That is, as long as your intern program is set up to create a recipe for success right from the get go.Before The Intern Arrives Clearly Define Your Goals for the PositionOne of the biggest keys to success for your companys intern positions will start out with a solid plan for the position. A big picture overview makes a great beginning for rolling out internships, especially when your company hasnt offered the role before or if youre a new manager, supervisor or direct report responsible for overseeing th e interns daily work lives. Set out a list of clear objectives such as teaching new skills, adjusting young workers to an office environment or fostering management training in junior level employees. Once you have these forest type items in place you can start structuring the trees of intern program success.Brainstorm Open Company ProjectsThe next step in developing a clear-cut internship program will be identifying eligible tasks and projects for the new mentees. Consider polling individual department heads or managers or even sending out a company wide emaille asking for projects. A diverse set of tasks will be key to both you and your interns getting the most out of their time with your company. Target individual tasks or larger projects that can be wrapped up in the internship period with a range of small, medium and large assignments. Also be koranvers to pick to-do items that require little overall supervision or intensive training. An internship can quickly go sour if both y our currently employees and interns spend most of it training and learning complicated systems, processes or technology.Wrap it All Up Into a TimelineOnce you have a set of overall goals and individual tasks you or the assigned intern supervisors and mentors will need to come up with a clear set of deadlines in the form of a program timeline. If your overall goal is to have interns develop competence in a given process, set up meetable benchmarks along the way along that monitor whether important skillsets are being met. Delegating individual timeline development will be key for larger intern programs and will also help get the right people involved in program implementation, spreading the administrative burden amongst a variety of individuals who still have day jobs.After The Intern Arrives Communicate ClearlyOnce your interns are on board its mission critical that you clearly communicate the nature of the job and the scope of their responsibility and tasks theyll be asked to perfo rm. If youve laid out your program deadline, communicate key dates and overall program goals. This will provide comfort in the form of stability and also by letting the intern know what they can look forward to and how they should be proactive about structuring their time. If your company has certain employee standards or policies, its important that these are communicated to interns just as they would be to regular, paid employees. Some companies may overlook this critical task but having interns both fit in with and be comfortable in company culture and values will help avoid awkward moments during the program as well as set clear expectations for behavior and professionalism that prepares interns for entering the paid workforce.Set (and Manage) Clear DeadlinesSince youve put all that work into identifying projects and making up an intern program timeline, be sure to convey that information to your new, temporary volunteers. Each project assignment should be accompanied by a clear deadline. If youre comfortable with the interns ability to manage time, dont be afraid to assign multiple tasks at once. Being allowed to hop between a variety of tasks as they see fit will create an exciting and interesting work environment. As a bonus, successful navigation of this kind of responsibility can help point out which amongst the group would make great long term employees after the program has wrapped up.Check in OftenEven in an intern program where you provide your mentees with plenty of job freedom, its important to remember to check in often on progress and to provide ongoing feedback. Short, daily meetings and longer weekly sit downs will go a long ways to evaluating progress and identifying any problem or areas of particular interest for the interns. Providing consistent supervision is also an essential part of any internship programs. Interns give up the ability to earn monetary compensation in exchange for the invaluable asset of experienced mentorship. Consiste nt monitoring provides the best opportunity for your interns to grow and learn from their venture.Program Wrap-up and EvaluationFinally, its important to ensure your internship program has a formal evaluation session and debriefing as part of the final wrap-up. Professionals program reviews have multiple benefits both for program participants and recipients. Reviewing an interns performance helps prepare for the real-world annual review process which is critical to assessing progress and career growth. Getting an interns feedback on their experience in your program also helps supervisors and companies identify areas of improvement or aspects that are particularly enjoyable, which can then be included or excluded for future iterations. Most importantly, wrapping up the program with a formal goodbye allows both parties the ability to network, download and assess building on immediate successes or failures to provide long term learning opportunities for both interns and companies.

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Dont Always Be a Good Employee, From Someone Who Had a Breakdown Doing Just That

Dont Always Be a Good Employee, From Someone Who Had a Breakdown Doing Just ThatDont Always Be a Good Employee, From Someone Who Had a Breakdown Doing Just ThatIn 2001 I had a nervous breakdown because I couldnt be a good employee for even one day longer.Something just snapped. I stayed at home for three months and could barely talk. I was on a cocktail of anti-depressants just to keep my head above water. It took me 18 months to put myself back together.Id spent so long playing the role of good employee that I forgot all about who I was under all that exhausting role-playing and wound up totally lost.I learned a really important lesson in the most difficult way I could learn it Squeezing myself into box thats too small is only ever going to hurt.So, let me offer you a simple 1-2-3 that I hope will help you avoid the same trap I fell into and help you deal with the exhaustion of being a good employee if thats where youre at.1. Who Are You Trying to Please?Wanting to be a good employe e starts with the best of intentions. You want people to think well of you. You want to build a good reputation. And you want people to like you.But those intentions can so easily be perverted into people-pleasing that you end up spread thin like a marshmallow under a grand piano. You busy yourself with meeting peoples expectations rather than doing what you think is right, you say the right thing in meetings because you want the validation, and you filter how you appear to your co-workers because thats what good employees do.So, who is it youre trying to please by being a good employee? Is it you, or is it everyone else? Have your good intentions been usurped by being seen to be great at what you do and wanting to fit in?Should your answer highlight how youve been playing the role of good employee rather than becoming great at what you do, its time to recognize one simple fact.Your job isnt to please everyone. Your responsibility is to yourself.2. How Do You Want to Feel?Exhaustion drenches you. It seeps into you and makes it almost impossible to see another way of doing things. But its a pretty safe bet that you dont want to feel exhausted anymore, right?So, if there was another way you could feel, what would it be? What would an alternative look like? What would it feel like? It could be that you want to feel light, creative, and energized. Maybe you want to feel free, driven, and focused. Or maybe you want to feel peaceful, flowing, and appreciative.Like a tow rope to a car in a muddy ditch, the point here is to connect deeply with something real that can pull you up and out.Acknowledge that theres a different way, a way that adds rather than takes away. It sometimes helps to look back at a time in your life when your work and career felt great, and get specific about how that was. How did it make you feel, and what did it allow you to do? What was different between that and where you are now? What would it mean if you could get something similar again?Rec ognize that these ways of feeling, thinking, and behaving are independent of any need to be a good employee. In fact, the need to play the role of good employee is exactly what gets in the way of these more flowing and enabling ways of doing things.3. Whats an Easier Way?Trying to be a good employee can have you running yourself ragged in the effort to be validated as such. An easier way starts with being kinder to yourself.And the next question is a simple one. How can this be easier?This is not a question designed to take the easy way out. Its there to highlight a way forward that offers a sense of ease and wholeness rather than a sense of needing to be good.Ease over struggle. Flow over frustration. Acceptance over exhaustion.So rather than trying to be a good employee when youre in meetings, whats a way that feels easier that honors who you are? Rather than trying to be a good employee by toeing the party line even when you disagree or have a different plan, whats an easy way fo r you to honor what matters or voice your opinion without fear of being judged as wrong or bad? Or rather than trying to be a good employee by blending in and doing whats needed, what would be an easier way that lets you be you and do what youre best at?Id take an employee whos at ease with doing great work over one who plays a role any day. How about you?Photo of tired man courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Ready to make a move Heres whats hot for 2017.

Ready to make a move Heres whats hot for 2017.Ready to make a move Heres whats hot for 2017.Wondering what career to get into, thinking about changing industries, or just want more stability? If your New Years resolution includes a new career, youve picked a great year to go for it.There are lotsof industries poised for growth over the next several years.GREENAs more and more people jump on the climate change bandwagon, this industry is poised to grow. And grow. And grow. Here are some of the hottest green jobs.Sustainability ConsultantIn 2014, 43 percent of executives said they want to align sustainability with their overall geschftliches miteinander goals, mission, or values - up from 30 percent in 2012. The median salary for environmental scientists is $67,460 a year.Education level Bachelors degree in chemistry, natural sciences or biologyWind Turbine Service TechnicianThanks to a recent government initiative in support of wind energy, this one is seriously taking off with proje cted growth at 108% over the next several years and a median salary of $51,050. Education level Some collegeUrban GrowerGreen roof gardens provide city restaurants with locally sourced ingredients - and make the buildings housing them more energy efficient. With a median salary of $63,700, its a great career option for anyone with a passion for sustainable living and a green thumb. Education level Training program in good growing practicesClean Car EngineerAs the auto industry embraces a green push, the demand for engineers to find new ways to make cars both energy-efficient and clean continues to grow. The salary of fruchtwein automotive engineers averages around $90,000 a year.Education level Bachelors degree in chemical or mechanical engineeringHEALTHCAREIts never a big surprise that healthcare jobs are in demand - with the average life expectancy hitting a record high in 2014. But which ones, specifically, should you be looking at?Physicians AssistantThis field is projected to grow by 30% over the next several years (28,700 more jobs) with a median annual salary of $98,190. Education level Masters degreePhysical TherapistWith an average annual salary of $84,020 and a projected growth of almost 72,000 more jobs over the next several years, this is a great fieldto get into. Education level Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree and a state license to practiceRegistered Nurse With an average annual salary of $68,000 a year and the addition of 439,300 new jobs over the next several years, therell be plenty of job security in this field.Education level A bachelors or associate degree in nursing, or a diploma from an approved nursing program. A license is also required.Ultrasound TechnologistBetween 2010 and 2020, the number of jobs is expected to increase by 44 percent. The median annual salary for this career is $71,232.Education level Associate or bachelors degreeTECHNOLOGYAll you have to do is look around. Everything is smart and everyone is online. If yo ure elend plugged in, youve probably made a conscious effort to check out. And with technology driving innovation across almost every industry, its not exactly a shocker that these jobs are on the rise. But which ones are the hottest?Software Developer An average annual salary of around $100,000 and a growth rate of 17% makes this job a no-brainer if you like to code and are passionate about technology. Education level A bachelors degree in computer scienceComputer Systems Analyst With a median annual salary of around $86,000 per year and a higher than average expected growth rate of 21%, this job is hot - thanks to continued growth in cloud computing, cybersecurity, and mobile networks.Education level A bachelors degree in a computer or information science, but not always required